Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Update! Officially a Grade One Teacher :)! Yahoo!


The last time I wrote to you I was an education student still obtaining my Bachelor of Education program.

Time has passed and its been a year! I've been on-call teaching for public, christian, and catholic school districts. This past year I also had a one day a week position as a Gifted Extension Coordinator which was such a fun, amazing job!

BUT! Now I am ever SO excited and happy to bring you the update that I am officially a grade 1 teacher! So I will be adding every now and then my own personal pins of things that are going on in my classroom to share with you all!

The first  pin being a unit I did with my grade 3/4s about the Great Barrier Reef! Students designed the bulletin board themselves. I know it's cluttered, but I love that they made it. Who needs to spend soo much time making bulletin boards when the kids can make them for you?! They are in love with what they've done and feel so proud! Plus, it relates to the pond study we just finished and so we've moved onto ocean communities as there's a number of them super passionate about becoming marine biologists one day!

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